Feminine energy, the power of now
Everybody knows that we live in a rapidly changing time. The former does not seem to work anymore and existing systems are crumbling. Is this a disaster, or a problem?

Pillars of the new success
No, it's a challenge. It is a transformation and a chance at another time. A new era is characterized by values and characteristics which constitute the basic characteristics of the woman. Love, creative power, cooperation, balance and connecting are the pillars on which the new success will be built.

Power, duality and ego no longer work
We see that happen all around us. The world and its inhabitants change. We are in the midst of an accelerated evolution in which old paradigms fall and new ones take their place. The male energy is losing more and more ground to the feminine energy.

Understand, feel and intuitively know
This has less to do with being male or female. But the woman will have an advantage in the future, she understands and feels the current transformation process and she knows intuitively how they can contribute accordingly to personal, business and social success.

Increasing influence of feminine energy
After the magical date 12/21/2012 the world continued to exist. The changes will take effect as from that date will go faster. With the increasing influence of the feminine energy, motivated by the transition from Pisces to the Aquarius era, the world becomes more transparent.

(Re) connecting with intuition
The (re) connection with our intuition is requested. Women do this naturally or make this transition faster. They will be the 'winners and leaders' of the future. For the men the 'beautiful job' to to let go of old ideas and systems and to (re) connect with their own feminine energy which every human, even the man, has... This brings us into balance as humans and society.

This text was written by Alfred Gerits, author of the acclaimed book 'Illusion of Truth' and speaker during the masterclasses of What Women Want. He provides several ways to contribute to the awareness of the current change.

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