Eyes follow colour
Today is the day. The day of that great presentation for a group of high-potential clients. Homework done, fully prepared to shoot the stars. But then... Do you recognise? Days you have been standing desperately in front of your fully stuffed wardrobe, hands in your hair, with only one conclusion: "I have nothing to wear". I am skilled, a high-potential, but stylish. No overkill - but a modern strong and self-sufficient woman. My message is clear, but how am I going to present myself accordingly? Yes, I'll go for a safe combination of soft-tone colours but with spectacular pumps to make a statement.

"What great shoes"
My presentation? It was fantastic. And... afterwards one of the important ladies came towards me straight away, reached out to shake my hand and then said: "What great shoes, where did you get those?"

Tóó beautiful
I was stunned. After one of my best performances I was barely complimented with my performance but everyone was crazy about my shoes. I must agree that they are beautiful - but I hoped to achieve more credits with my work.

How do you want to be remembered?
As an image professional, I must say that I now know better. Our view is automatically drawn to where things happen. Bright colours and strong prints attract immediate attention. My listeners were drawn to my feet instead of the content of my presentation. A pure natural reaction. And so it is smart to keep in mind how you want to be remembered: a professional with amazing content or a someone on stage with spectacular shoes.

A perfect statement
Now how can you make a statement and still make sure your listeners look at your face and not your feet? Use colour or prints around your face. With a nice scarf or necklace in the colour of your eyes, always emphasizes the colour of your eyes! Stunning! And always a good choice! And if you want to make a real statement? Choose the power colour red... for that extra boost of confidence!!!

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