What women with children want
It is recommended that children should sit in rear facing child seats for as long as practically possible. The international consumer authorities, the ICRT, stipulates these recommendations.

Children are not adult miniatures
Small children are not miniature versions of adults. Their heads are disproportionately heavy, their backs and neck vertebra are under-developed and their reflexes and ability to react are poor. If a child is sitting forward facing in a collision its head will be thrown violently forwards, subjecting the neck and head to considerable strain. The child also risks injuries from impact with the front seats or from fragments flying into the part of car where they are sitting.

Did you know...
The Besafe rear facing car seat, the Izi Combi X3 is 5 times safer than conventional car seats and makes it possible to carry your child up to 4 years old. Back in the 1960s medical traffic researchers in Sweden discovered the advantages of having small children sitting rear facing in a collision. Consequently there are no forward facing car seats for children under the age of 3 on the Swedish market and this reflects very well on Sweden which has the lowest accident statistics in Europe!

Risk reduction
If the child's seat is rear facing, the shell of the chair will form a protective shield and absorb the shock. Crash tests show that compared to forward facing seats, the pressure exerted on the neck is 5 times lower for rear facing child car seats. These are the reasons why all baby seats (group 0+) are only designed for rear facing use.

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