ARTISTRY™ Crème LuXury Collection is "The egg of Columbus" in professional treatment for the skin of the woman with the convenience of home.
Yvonne Goossens

The skin around our eyes is the most fragile, so it tends to show the signs of ageing more often. One of the secrets of vibrant, younger-looking skin is when the area around your eyes has very few fine lines or visible wrinkles.

ARTISTRY™ Crème LuXury Eye is an advanced, fragrance-free cream especially formulated for the area around the eyes. Its unique formula nourishes and repairs the delicate skin around your eyes, giving it a smoother, firmer appearance, and dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles. As well as diminishing the effect of dark circles under the eyes and cutting down puffiness, ARTISTRY Crème LuXury Eye provides lasting hydration, helping protect the skin from the damaging effects of ageing. Clinically tested results after just 12 weeks of usage:

- 100% improvement in skin firmness and moisturisation
- 98% less skin sagging
- 87% reduced dark circles
- 76% reduced puffiness

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