Creating new futures
In the first article we started with The Big C: CHANGE. We now follow it up with the question: How do we use the fact of change to our best advantage?

Go with the flow
What's driving change and the exponential acceleration in human capability? The world is at a major junction of multiple influences and events happening here and now. Many of us are feeling the presence of exciting new possibilities and at the same time, uncertainty and volatility.

Change does that. And the best way to move forward is to 'go with the flow' by using the tremendous energies and new opportunities of change to do what humans are made to do: engage in the process of creating fantastic new futures.

Best of both worlds
There are two kinds of riches, two kinds of success, available for an endeavouring human: material and spiritual. Each has many different expressions and levels and the ideal situation is of course to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Because of the break-neck pace of the 21st century, 'material' and 'spiritual' tend to conflict because they live in different time dimensions: The material mostly lives in the short-term pressure-cooker while the spiritual lives in the long-term you could say eternal.

For those who pursue personal development, the challenge is to order oneself in such a way as to be able to be focused on the long-term while delivering excellence today. It's a mind-set, a practice, a way of life and it can be done.

Extraordinary perceptions
It starts with knowing what we want. When we do, we create a space, a home, in ourselves for new perceptions that live in those special worlds to which we aspire to become a part of. What we want to be is an individual choice. If you want to discover what it means to be human and what it means to be a lady, or a gentleman, the extraordinary perceptions that live around it will find you, bit by bit.

It really is not about endlessly surfing the Internet to find out what someone has to say about it. It's about surfing, with one's own mind, the greater worlds of the human opportunity and as was indicated in the first article, ladies have a vitally important role to play at this time.

A connective journey
When a lady, or gentleman, know what they want the world is at their finger tips: "knock on the door and it shall be opened..." In the next article we will delve into the question: What are the conditions needed for a connective journey of self-discovery and self-realization?

Written by David Gommé who through his company - Capable Dynamics - engages in helping senior executives and leadership teams to achieve their vision.

World Copyright © David Gommé

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