Dare to be Fabulous
How many of you have ever felt a hesitation if you have to speak in front of a group of people. This was one of the opening questions of the Dare to be Fabulous masterclass. How many of you want to have everything in perfect preparation...

There are a few secrets of professional speakers who can make you Fabulous, if you use them when you have to speak in public yourself. I will share a few with you: 'Failure' does not exist, not even for perfectionists: what does exist is to adapt professionally, be flexible to changing situations and humour. Tough questions from an audience do not exist for a professional speaker. What a treat to learn you how to do this! To you, leading ladies, you did great!

The best thing that happened to me during the fantastic What Women Want event was working with true leading ladies. At the Presentation Master mini stage miracles arose. Miracles that you could experience when you literally rise above yourself on stage. Miracles that you described as the 'wow-effect', the big applause that you have received.

This is what women want
From the first tentative steps on the 30cm height difference in the spotlights, to Power Women, sometimes within 30 seconds, your way towards being Fabulous! I'm proud of you, Empowered Women in the Spotlight, this is what I wanted to give to you. This is what women want!

Nienke van Bezooijen, founder of Presentation Master, is passionate about helping women speak with confidence, charisma and impact. The program, 'Empowered Women in the Spotlight', helps women business owners and executives to reach for the microphone, reach for the podium and reach for their dreams! World Copyright © Nienke van Bezooijen www.presentation-master.com

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