Superfoods for Superwomen 4
Eating for beauty or in other words Beautyfood. Isn't it great not to worry anymore if you will gain weight from what you eat, but to ask yourself whether it contributes to your beauty or not!

Did you know
Did you know that you need to eat fat to keep your youthful looks? Did you know that you need it for your hormones and for your skin? Not enough fat in your diet even promotes wrinkles! So stop thinking in calories and start thinking beauty.

Glowing appearance
Fresh, unprocessed foods with a lot of colour and superfoods all contribute to a glowing appearance. Mary Enig Phd, (University of Maryland and former editor of the magazine of the American Collage of Nutrition) disagrees with the so called dangers of saturated fat for our health.

Feeling better
Mary Enig states that 50% of our cell walls are made up of saturated fats and that we really need them. Besides fat there are lots of superfoods that make us glow. Superfoods provide the necessary building blocks for healthy cells and also help us to feel better. And feeling better always contributes to beauty!

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