Feminine energy, thinking in abundance
In the previous article I wrote about the transition era in which we find ourselves today. An era in which the influence of the dominant male energy is slowly transformed into more acting from our feminine energy.

Evolution and awareness
This is partly an evolutionary process and partly a process of collective awareness in society that explains the structures that are built under the leadership of the dominant male energy (acting from: duality, power, ego and scarcity) and have shown what it created.

Implementation of feminine energy
A world and society that is increasingly out of balance. The yin-yang principle is economically and socially completely disrupted. With the further development and implementation of the feminine energy in economic, political and social structures, yet still somewhat invisible, has begun the building of new structures and providing new directions.

Abundance, creation, connection and love
Feminine energy is present as much in men as in women. Social conditionings of the last centuries have deliberately ensured that men and -to a lesser extent- women as an individual could not -or too little- develop his or her feminine energy. Acting from feminine energy means acting and thinking from the idea of abundance, creation, connection and love. Exactly in that interaction lies an enormous power.

'Leading Ladies' of today
For the 'leading ladies' of today, this means that they have paved the way for change but also that their leadership style often is (too) much based on copying behaviour of the male leadership. The new success for 'leading' to be or will be, for both men and women, will mostly depend on the courage and inner drive to one's own feelings to trust and to follow. Even if it still seems to go against the established order and the existing conditionings.

This text was written by Alfred Gerits, author of the acclaimed book 'Illusion of Truth' and speaker during the masterclasses of What Women Want. He provides several ways to contribute to the awareness of the current change.

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