No future without a past, according to a famous expression. Therefore, it is wonderful to see how the new Jaguar F-TYPE continues to evolve to a healthy future, without losing sight of the rich history of the brand.

The F-TYPE originated from the same ideas that in the past have delivered famous cars like the C-type and D-type. And not to forget the E-type, perhaps the most direct ancestor of the F-TYPE. The sporty DNA of these legendary models is also visibly and tangibly present in the F-TYPE. In the development of the F-TYPE driving pleasure was first, but a seductive design is just as important. In fact, at Jaguar this has never been otherwise.

For let us not forget that Jaguar currently has the strongest model range ever. With cars like the Jaguar XK, XF and XJ, each in their own way representing our brand values. And with attractive Business Edition versions of the Jaguar XF and XJ which shows that Jaguar also pays attention to responsible corporate usability.

The arrival of the new F-TYPE Jaguar means that Jaguar more than ever is looking into the future with confidence.

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