Partying is pleasure
Enjoy the What Women Want Paradise Opening Party, Gala Champagne Night, Paradise Party and Adios Party. Imagine the Gala Champagne Night: Le vin qui mousse. In other words: sparkling wine, bubbles! The world's most widely appreciated VIP drink guarantees good times, great atmosphere and an amazing experience on this exciting night. Let the corks pop! Let the bubbles rise! Meet, network and enjoy.

Champagne wishes, caviar dreams, oyster desires
Let the exclusive tingle of Champagne caress your tongue. Experience Royal Caviar that will inspire your taste buds. Discover the miraculous taste of an oyster. And the master chef surprises with tastings of all kinds of delights and, of course, the most delicious What Women Want Paradise desserts.

Personal Improvement Today
Rarely were there so many Personal Improvement moments to choose from on an inspirational night: The secrets of What Women Want Paradise, personal improvement talks by acclaimed gurus, improvement networking, live music with famous artists, the Personal Improvement Today Awards Ceremony, PIT celebrities, dancing and of course, bubbles...

The secrets of What Women Want
Those who understand the secrets of What Women Want, can make their own unique event contribution to make this world a better place. Through multi-media projection and video interviews, anyone is able to make their own personal input to the book and film documentary: 'The Secrets of What Women Want'.

It's all about... being part of it
Make this your own party, get inspired and make the most of all the opportunities. This really could be with the 'first day of the rest of your life' Discover the moments that matter!

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