Proven concept
What Women Want is a proven concept for exploring the female-orientated luxury market and the role of women in brand and business leadership. Luxury brands, retailers and commentators are often approached to add sparkle and name recognition to events, conferences, shows and travel but rarely is there any genuine consideration given to the complexity, challenges and innovation of specific ladies luxury marketing and female leadership.

What Women Want as an international benchmark
What Women Want brings together VIPs, business women and style leading ladies who are driving luxury market growth and brand & business success with those keen to learn from the brands who have defined the market in the past and those redefining it in the future. In the upcoming years, our live and virtual events, forums and reports will position What Women Want as an international benchmark for the exchange of ideas on global ladies' luxury trends, products and services as well as female leadership.

International ladies leadership and luxury platform
This multilevel event will be an opportunity for visitors and delegates to share the experiences of some of the world's most interesting female-orientated luxury brands and how they approach and satisfy the demands of the female audience. It will bring together analysis, comment and innovative thinking on a new international ladies leadership and luxury platform.

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