Your moment, your world
There you are. For the big white canvas. A challenge, a new step. Your moment, your world. What do you want next? Temptation? Inspiration?

Create a new YOU
Do you have the guts for a new step? Give yourself a new look with a nice design. Stylish, personal, hot! With a design hat you will impress. Even better: design your own!

Masterclass 'Nature meets Glamour'
et yourself be seduced by the mysterious call of nature. Taste the essence of the world around you. Find inspiration and meet each other in a unique expression of inventive design.

'Design Diva' or 'Diva on Canvas'
Make your choice of the masterclass 'Diva Design' or 'Diva on canvas', and create a stylish 'fascinator' (hair decoration) or paint yourself or girlfriend as a diva with a beautiful design hat. A hat makes the difference! Feel reborn through the expressive experience in this masterclass!

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Aglaia Hats: Key information

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