The Secret
Many successful women responded during the What Women Want events to the question: What do you think is The Secret of What Women Want? Elements were unveiled, but striking was the answer "What's in a woman is a secret."

Exclusive Royal Sloop 'Cruise'
From the most inspiring responses 5 winners are drawn who will enjoy a cozy -What Women Want- exclusive Royal Sloop 'Cruise' with friends. The Champagne Taittinger will sparkle!

According to me, The Secret of What Women Want is:
* Breaking rules, forgiving quickly, kissing slowly, laughing exuberant, loving passionate and never regret. Monique van der Wal
* The compromise between a dream and reality. Lisette de Vries
* See problems as hidden opportunities, embrace and use them. Janneke Pennings
* Take all the opportunities and do not dwell on limitations. Marijke Daniels
* Do not wait for happiness to come, go out to find it yourself! Dorine van de Poel

Honorable mention
The following responses were given an honorable mention that we wanted to share with you.
According to me, The Secret of What Women Want is:
* Giving the temptation to a woman's fantasy. Romy the Work
* Started with fantasies, ends with everything. Robin Westerveld
* Expect the unexpected! Every day has to be full of surprises. Bianca Beks
* A successful and balanced life, filled with love, laughter & luxury. Rianne Dragt
* Surprising, mature, refreshing, feminine, overindulgence. Barbara Heerenveen

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