Ladies, wake up!
Do you want to be independent in business and mind? Get the top of the world speakers in one long weekend. Ladies, Kim Kiyosaki is one of the keynote speakers. Author of the book 'Rich Woman' and 'Rising time'. 'Love your partner but be independent' is her mission to women.

Finances for women
* Staying on top of your game with cutting-edge systems, skills, and strategies.
* Recognising and acting on opportunities for success as soon as they appear.
* How your mind-set and your psychology shape your success.
* How elite business leaders create and protect their sustainable wealth.
* Front line systems for wealth creation you can implement immediately.
* Design your own road map to navigate around any challenge.
* Measuring success - the key factors that influence your outcomes.

Do you want to be independent?
Claim your spot today and change your life forever for the good! Take your chance! Nienke van Bezooijen of Presentation Master is passionate about helping women speak with confidence, charisma and impact. The program, 'Empowered Women in the Spotlight', helps women business owners and executives to reach for the microphone, reach for the podium and reach for their dreams! World Copyright ©Nienke van Bezooijen,

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