Superfoods for Superwomen 3
Eat yourself thin... Counting calories is not necessary to lose weight. Wether you lose weight or not has more to do with what you eat then how much you eat. When you stop counting calories and start to eat for beauty from the inside out you will naturally stay on the weight that is good for you.

Who would have thought...
Did you know that we get thin from eating fat, that too many carbs make us gain weight and that counting calories does not work. We can even say that if we start a 'diet' our body thinks we are in a famine and restricting calories drastically makes us gain more weight and slows down our metabolism.

Loosing weight
On the other hand, eating healthy, eating regular and especially eating enough speeds up our metabolism and tells our body that there is enough to eat and that it can relax. Besides that, there are lots of foods that can help us to lose weight like cinnamon and green tea.

Would you like to know what you can do to lose weight in a natural and easy way? In the third of my four masterclasses Superfoods for superwomen, with the title Eat yourself thin, we discuss the effect of food upon our weight. After the masterclass you know what you can do to lose weight and to keep it off.

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